Rise of the Runelords

Session 3

Pizt’s notes for 6/11/16

Black smudges cover the hastily scrawled notes of the mad gnome. It is hard to tell what is ink and what alchemical residue but one thing is for sure: Pizt has recently eaten mutton and gravy

Note: The Rusty Dragon could be easily destroyed with a bit of alchemical fire and a well-timed incendiary reaction.

I am currently enjoying a tasty applejack, brewed to perfection. I am not surprised by Shalelu’s information about the goblin trash, whose vile presence has interrupted what was to be an otherwise profitable festival. I am only surprised that the creatures have the civility to form tribes and stake out territory. Now We, my new acquaintances and I, seem to be putting our lives on hold for the good of Sandpoint. I only hope that this venture does not halt my research as I feel like I am on the verge of a breakthrough! I discovered a hair in my applejack. It did nothing to add or subtract from the taste but I found it unsettling…

After some length of time spent querying on the applications of hair in alchemy, Pizt’s scrawling regains coherency

While talking to Shalelu, our adventures are introduced to Sasha, a good hand at the divine arts and sometimes compatriot of Shalelu. Shalelu asks Sasha to aid the party

Shalelu then briefs the PCs on the goblin tribe’s heroes. There are six: Mosswood Big
Gugararbuluzllll, one who vanished of the Seventooth clan Pristhasmus, Vorka the licktoad cannibal, the Brinestump Rinwaddle Gutwad and Chieftan, Thistletop’s Ripnugget, and the bugbear ranger Ruthaslas who hates elves. Shalelu has a history with the bugbear. Shalelu gives her thanks and leaves

The noble Foxglove descends the stairs and greets the party. He invites the group to a boar hunt in Tickwood forest. The party politely states they are busy at the moment. He sits down and regales the group with the glory of Magnimar. The city is huge. He gives the group directions to a scenic vista. Foxglove does studies for the university, he is currently studying architecture of the time before the calamity. He mentions the lighthouse is older than the town itself; no one knows the purpose of the lighthouse.

Foxglove admits the hunting trip invitation is partly for protection

The door swung open with pomp and purpose. Unsurprisingly it was Longeku Kaijutsu, striding into the tavern speaking a dialect I was unfamiliar with and being the ass his mother bore him to be. He came to our table and quite rudely demanded we tell him where Ameiko was. He then asked if I knew who he was, even though that was a stupid question. I complimented him on his glasswork but he didn’t soften. I then lost interest and fiddled with my silverware. When I looked up Ragnarok had intercepted the buffoon and I got a free meal! That Oriad is good luck indeed!

Pizt travels to the General store, Shealess Findler? Inquires if he was one of the heroes and asks if he will help her with a rat problem in the basement. Pizt follows. The basement is small and the girl is naked… he rebuffs her, but her father arrives and hijinks ensues

The sheriff returns and thanks the party. They are now free to go hunting with Foxglove. The party calls on him and pulls up a seat at the tavern. They tell him they will join him and he tells them he is gifting them a horse. They meet at the Goblin squash stables in the morning

The party leaves to Tickwood. Aldern talks the entire trip. The hunt is fun but otherwise uneventful. They return to the Rusty Dragon

En route to the Inn, and elderly Halfling who works at the Rusty Dragon approaches the party and asks to speak to them in private. The woman is the personal maid of Ameiko. Ameiko has not come to work that day, and the maid looked for her but could not find her in her room. She found a note instead that reads in Menkien?: Hello sis hope this letter finds you well, father has something to do with the goblins, meet me at the glassworks. Knock twice and then three times more, then once more. Don’t tell anyone. Don’t be late-Suto

Suto was shipped off to an orphanage because he was half-elf even though neither of his name-sake were. Suto and Ameiko had a confrontation, and Ameiko left to become an adventurer. Suto had a confrontation with Longeku? At his mother’s funeral.

The party travels to the glass works, the glass works furnace is roaring and Pizt hears shrieks giggles and breaking glass. They scout around the building. There are two doors



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