Rise of the Runelords

Session 4

Into the Glassworks

In the year of our lords 4713
When we last left our friends, they had just polished off 7 of the 8 goblins inside the glassworks building. The final goblin had just run away escaping into another room yet to be checked. Our weary band of merry heroes continue to search for Ameiko Kaijitsu, not knowing what lies behind each door. Sasha uses her cure light wounds healing spell to fix Radnarok after the battle with the goblins.

The group decides to search the rest of the room before checking the rest of the building but results in no useful things for the group. The group enters the display room when Kitrifos sees another door which leads to another hallway. Sasha listens at the door in the hallway, heals Kitrifos, and waits as Kitrifos will open the door. Kitrifos braces herself but the room reveals the finished products of the glassworks building. The group rounds the corner to see three more doors in the hallway and immediately choose to listen at all three doors. The group chooses the first door where Sasha had listened, Kitrifos checks for traps, and opens to find the broom closet.

The next door finds no traps but only misc supplies. The final door at the end of the hallway finds no traps which reveals the break room which has been wrecked and one dead body in it. The living quarters are wrecked as well. Four more doors are in the area to be checked. Pizt checks the first door which turns out to be the wash room. Sasha peeks to find the pantry wrecked and looted. Radnarok checks the door across from the pantry but hears nothing which turns out to be the kitchen which is wrecked as well. Kitrifos sees another door inside the pantry to find a storage room with wood for the fires.

Kitrifos opens the final door to show a meeting room with only one other door. Sasha and Kitrifos check the room for important documents or clues to help but discover no useful clues except glasswork designs. Kitrifos checks the door and finds another hallway with three new doors. Kitrifos and Radnarok hear a faint knocking sound below them when approaching the first door in the hallway. Kitrifos knows that the sound is someone is stomping their foot against the wall down below. The other rooms reveal filing room, components room, reception room, and an office.

The final door reveals a set of stairs headed downstairs. The group frolics down the stairs and immediately an arrow shoots past Radnarok’s head hitting the wall once they reach the bottom of the stairs. A half elf takes another shot with an arrow at Radnarok hitting him. Sasha notices the arrow is an elven arrow and tries to communicate with the half elf since she speaks elven. Sasha yells out identifying that she is an elf too but the half elf responds with “doesn’t matter what you are, you all will die the same!” Sasha fires her long bow but is unsuccessful in hitting the half elf.

Kitritfos runs forward and cast her spell against the goblin and half elf. The goblin can’t resist the attack which leaves him blinded and unconscious but the half elf does. Radnarok moves forward placing himself in between the half elf and goblin. Pizt moves up next Kitrifos. The half elf throws down his bow and uses his fist to damage Radnarok again. Sasha moves forward to help heal Radnarok. Kitrifos moves forward and takes a swing at the half elf but misses. Radnarok flurries and strikes the half elf having him smirk while he says “this is going to be fun”.

Pizt throws a bomb but lands behind and to the left of the half elf. The half elf cartwheels and lands behind Pizt. Sasha fires her bow and arrow but is unsuccessful in hitting the half elf. Kitrifos hits the half elf with her sword. Radnarok flurries and kills the goblin. Pizt’s throws his bomb but is unsuccessful in hitting the half elf with splash on himself and Kitrifos. The half elf has had enough and turns to run back towards the stairs and around the corner.

Sasha chases after while Pizt’s and Kitrifos made a last ditch effort to hit him as he was making his getaway. Sasha reaches the corner to see another long hallway with more doors. She approaches the first door that is somewhat open. Kitrifos makes her way to the door and looks into the room to see a natural passage way. Radnarok makes his way the same route as Sasha and Kitrifos. Pizt makes his way the other direction seeing two more doors down another hallway.

The group finds Ameiko Kaijitsu and tells her that her father was a part of the goblin attack along with being killed by the goblins. She ask for our help to get her back to town. Kitrifos carries her out while Pizt checks another room which turns out to be an office which was used by Tsuto Kaijitsu. Pizt’s finds a journal which tells of the raid by the goblins and another raid to come. The next raid shows an attack of 200 goblins on Sandpoint. The group takes Ameiko Kaijitsu back to the tavern and she says that we have free rooms for life.

She offers us free drinks for tonight after we get her medical attention. The group lets the sheriff in on what they have found and the journal that was discovered. The sheriff tells the group that there is no need to panic the town and guards will be posted at the natural entrance. Sasha realizes that the demon is one that will take a lot of preparation in order to defeat if encountered. After a night of drinking the group decides to investigate the natural entrance they found inside the glassworks.

The tunnel winds until they find the end but Sasha finds a stone that reveals a cave with an opening and crashing of the sea along with another tunnel that’s headed south. The narrow beach is found where they hear the crashing sea that is littered with goblin beds and trash. The southern tunnel leads you to find two side tunnels that lead east and west. The group goes to the west tunnel which leads for 50 feet and then north for 2 feet. The group comes to a side path in the cave and hears a growl of something coming from that direction. The creature bits Radnarok which injects him with venom but has little effect but the claws land some damage.

Sasha swings with sword but the creature ducks. Pizt drinks a potion. Radnarok flurries and does damage. Kitrifos shields herself deflecting the creatures attack. The creature bit does no damage, hurts Sasha, and misses Kitrifos. Sasha swings but misses again. Pizt throws a bomb that hits and fire engulfs the creature. It is burned but not dead. Ragnarok misses the creature while Kitrifos misses as well. The creature bites Radnarok but he resist. Its claw hits Sasha but misses Kitrifos. Sasha steps back and heals herself.

Pizt’s throws another bomb and hits killing the creature as it burns to death. Pizt gives Radnarok a potion to heal him almost back to full strength. Kitrifos is sure nothing is on the ground but the creature was carrying two potions, scroll, platinum piece, and 50 gold. Scroll is of heat metal. The group continues on the path. Kitrifos sees another right and it keeps going. The group continues down the new path walking into a chamber with a door inside it. Kitrifos listens, checks for traps, and finally opens the door to reveal another hallway. Rounding the corner to find another hallway.

The stones and ruins date back longer than the oldest settlers to this land. The hallway rounds another corner leading into an open chamber with a statue. Kitrifos detects some magic but nothing more. Pizt takes the rancer from the statue. The group back tracks down the hallway they passed finding at the end an alter used by necromancers. There is unholy water present. The massive stone door inside the chamber shows no traps but a magical aura coming from the other side. The group decides to hold off on the massive stone door until they have finished searching the other hallways and doors.

At the end of the other hallway with the statue they find a non-natural creature that has a head with batwings and entrails that it uses as tentacles. Kitrifos hits and damages it with her sword. Radnarok misses with his strikes. Pizt throws a bomb hitting the creature. The creature screams paralyzing everyone except Sasha. The creature turns its attention towards Kitrifos but misses with its attack. Sasha cast a spell freeing Kitrifos. Kritifos begins moving and starts channeling magic into her sword hitting the creature splitting it into two pieces. The creature has a ton of hidden treasures. The group finds a spiral stair that heads up.

The group back tracks down the hallway towards the statue again and down the only hallway that the group hasn’t searched yet. The group finds an unlock door with a large chamber with cells and two spirals stairs going down. As they look over the edge a boney claw swings at the group.

The group is engaged by two boney creatures. The first creature hits Kitrifos, the second hits Radnarok, Radnarok damages the second creature, Kitrifos missed hitting the first, Sasha attacks and hits the second, Pizt slaps the first with club hitting the creature, the first creature strikes Pizts with emotions of rage that sickens him while clawing him, the second creature bits Ragnarok and the claws hit putting Ragnarok on the ground in critical condition, Kitrifos attacks the first one but misses, Sasha moves back heals Ragnarok bringing him back to life, Ragnarok hits the second creature killing it, Pizt misses the first creature, the first bites at Kitrifos missing and claws Pizt for damage, Kitrifos swings at the first creature missing, Sasha heals Ragnarok, Ragnarok misses with both attacks, Pizt backs up and drinks potion, the creature bites at Kitrifos and she fights off while it swings at Ragnarok hitting with one claw, Kitrifos hits creature causing damage and setting it a blaze, Sasha pulls her bow but it becomes undone, Ragnarok hits and finally the creature dies. The group continues on checking the area to find a torture chamber with two doors. The door to the south is slightly open.

The room has a study and jail cells in which Pizt and Ragnarok search. Pizt finds a scroll of flaming sphere. More treasures are found in the study/jail area. Money, Money, Money!!! Group decides to rest and recover from the battles. What’s in store for our heroes next time? Stay tuned for our next adventure……..”Legends of the Hidden Temple”

The End

Game Master…….Kevin P.
Kitrifos……………….Lourie G.
Pizt…………………….Curtis R.
Radnarok……………Justin S.
Sasha…………………Jessica P.

With special thanks to the puppies, kitten, and the dead bunny.



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