Rise of the Runelords

Session 5

Below the city

We continue our adventure in the ancient caverns and tunnels below the city. Our group decides to begin the day by taking on the first door we came to in the tunnels. As soon as we enter we are greeted by an unidentifiable voice. “How dare you enter the Mother’s Sanctuary”.

We are attacked by a barrage of creatures, which we all team up to defeat. These creatures are being summoned by someone from somewhere. By detecting magic, Kitrifos and Sasha narrow down the location of the unknown assailant. Finally we use glitterdust to make her visible. Again we team up to take down the trixy quasit. We search the room and find a few treasures to sell in town. In one alcove ancient Thassalonian words show themselves to Kitrifos, and no one else. Strange to say the least. This is a mystery for another day.
We find that adding blood to one of the pools summons monsters. We emptied the fountain of its water that turns into monsters, defeating them one by one.

Backtracking a bit,we explore the two stairwells. They are both completely blocked with rubble. We can faintly hear the people in the junkyard above and Pizt believed he heard baying of hounds from below.

The final doorway in the underground leads us to a disgusting goblin with three arms, each wielding a weapon. We are attacked. The hideous creature nearly ended Kitrifos before the team weakened him and Radnarock felled him with a might flurry of fists. Thankfully, using the potions made by Pizt and Sasha’s magical healing the team made it out of the fight better than expected. Lastly, we dealt with the zombies in the pits of this room. They would have been a lot of trouble, had any of us ended up down in the one of their holes.

Once the tunnels and chambers are cleared we return to town. It is recommended that the tunnel leading out to the beach be filled to keep out any would be attackers in the future.
Next we plan where to go to put an end to the troubles of this town. TO THISTLETOP!



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